About Us


Project Rides is a design studio created by twenty years experienced professional on the field of production, carpentry, mechanics and industrial automation.

Fabio LovatoProject Rides highlight a complete technical administration, ideas, engineering calculation and executive design which is familiar with the detail care and the quick problem solving; the acquired know-how let us give the customer a technological advanced and economically profitable product.

Fabio LovatoProject Rides proposes a valuable partnership to support on the peak production time for your engineering and design department or offer it to the companies who don’t have this department. Even to the companies who want to save costs from the permanent engineering and design department.

Reliability and privacy protection are the foundation of our customer relation philosophy.


The Project Rides has experience in the design of attractions for amusement parks for over twenty years, working with major manufacturers of rides worldwide.


The know-how assimilated allows us to realize the design with innovative solutions and advanced technology in compliance with the regulations and cost-effective for the customer.


For each project, we provide technical assistance during construction and all the necessary technical documentation, with Project Rides have a service “turnkey” complete.

Time Reduction

The Project Rides thanks to a careful internal organization reduces the time of realization of projects providing a complete service to the customer.


Respect the privacy of the customer is a strong point of the Project Rides.